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  • Why ambitious people struggle to find satisfaction.
  • Why gratitude reduces the downsides of ambition.
  • How to reach for your potential, impact your world, and leaving a legacy.

What People Are Saying:

“Seth Buechley, in Ambition, challenges us to imagine a world where we go to work thinking about how grateful we are for our jobs, for the opportunity to lead, and for the fruits of our labor. Gratefulness leads us to think of others more often than ourselves – and the rewards fill up our souls in a powerful way. Don't miss this life changing insight.”

Cheryl A. Bachelder | CEO, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. Author of "Dare to Serve: How to Drive Superior Results by Serving Others"

“Ambition is full of many easy-to-execute insights such as creating your own process for a “gratitude adjustment” or intentionally thinking about ways to leave a positive legacy before it is too late. As a husband, father and CEO of a sports and entertainment organization I found the book to be applicable to all aspects of my daily life.”

Chris McGowan | President & CEO, Portland Trail Blazers

“Ambition will show you how to harness your ambition through experience, integrity and hard work in a way that will leave a positive legacy and improve the world.”

Dan Miller | New York Times Bestselling Author of "48 Days to the Work You Love"

“I came for insight into the interesting question: "How do highly ambitious people find contentment", and I stayed for the story. Buechley has a conversational style that kept me engaged as he discussed the opportunities and pitfalls of ambition. Using examples from his own life, I found it easy to connect the dots to my own experiences and to identify feelings that come up when navigating both business and personal achievements, failures, expectations, disappointments, dreams, and aspirations. The core idea: to choose and practice gratitude as the starting point and the perspective for beginning each day, has been explored by others. But Buechley has a fresh take, using folksy warmth and humor to suggest practical ways to regularly and simply incorporate gratitude into daily life. ”

John Foley | Operative Executive, Priority RF

“Seth Buechley is a rising star. He writes with wisdom and common sense. If you are like me -- tired of leadership books discussing exaggerating achievements, elevated status, and egotistical personas...this book is for you! Buechley is humble, down to earth and strikingly transparent. His style is concise, easy to follow, and full of useful information. This book is to the point and can be easily read in several hours. Buechley's background of both success and failure invites the reader to connect on multiple levels. I highly recommend this book for anyone!”

Brett Butcher | Executive Director, Reid Saunders Association

“Too many times, I caught myself smiling and nodding my head in agreement to the 'almost always anxious' trait that plagues me and many other leaders. Seth Buechley has captured, near perfectly, the state of those of us who identify as 'ambitious' and has given all of us a road map to contentment. Ambition is a playbook for learning how to embrace our inner-drive, in a healthy way, to find greater fulfillment in life.”

Robb Crocker | CEO, Funnelbox Inc. Author of "Stock Footage Millionaire"

“Thank you, Seth Buechley, for Ambition. It not only felt as if this book was written for me, but it was also delivered at the perfect time in my life. Whether you are igniting your first start-up, in the midst of building a large company or wondering what to do next, this book is an absolute must-read.”

J.T. Service | Founder and CEO, Soul Focus Sports.

“Ambition is a powerful book on understanding how a focus on gratitude can boost leadership impact and overall satisfaction in your life. Required reading for high achievers who want to fuel their professional and personal successes while fully enjoying the journey at the same time. I highly recommend this book for anyone who would self-identify as an ambitious leader.”

Don Antonucci | President, Regence BlueShield

“With characteristic confidence, a measure of humility, intelligence and woodsy candor, Ambition: Leading with Gratitude explores who we are, peers gently into ambitious faults, illuminates escape routes to fulfillment, and most importantly, promotes personal/communal growth through the inherent power of gratitude. I wish I’d written it.”

Mike McWhirter | President and CEO, CBA Site Services, Inc.

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Buy Ambition: Leading with Gratitude $19.70 USD
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