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DAS & Small Cells Congress Keynote


As a serial-entrepreneur, Seth brings a wealth of perspective from a broad range of leadership, business, and life experiences.

Raised in a commune in the woods, Seth somehow ended up a multi-millionaire and in the board room of a public company by his late twenties. But…the real learning had only just begun. Seth is a gifted and encouraging speaker who brings authentic warmth, humility, and energy to every speaking engagement.

Seth is available to share his insights and expertise in one or more of the following areas:

Ambition: Leading with Gratitude (Concepts From Seth's Recently-Published Book) 

  • The downside & risks of being ambitious
  • Sudden Wealth Syndrome - what happens when we actually get what we’re chasing
  • The necessity of gratitude for driven personalities
  • Developing your own framework for lasting leadership impact

Developing A Leadership Culture In Your Business Or Organization

  • How to attract, retain, and grow high-potential people
  • Creating authentic culture without creating a cult
  • Dealing with outliers and challenging team members
  • Lessons learned from a distributed team of nearly 60 people

Faith @ Work: "In God's World, Business Done Right Is A Blessing"

  • The theology of work. Why business matters to God
  • How to succeed in the world without falling in love with it
  • Business as a mission. Trends and opportunities 

Scaling A High-Growth Business

  • The hidden pitfalls of growing from hundreds to millions 
  • Knowing when it’s time to hire from the outside
  • Where can I find good advice when I’m over my head? 
  • Lessons learned from multiple start-ups…the really good, bad and the ugly.

Wireless Technology & Infrastructure

  • Operator, service provider, and infrastructure trends
  • Where are the biggest opportunities being created?
  • New models for service delivery. The winners and the losers
  • Lessons learned as a tower builder, tower owner, DAS integrator, and DAS OEM.