Who We Are Is More Important Than What We Do

The most important work we do in relation to our growth, we do alone.  Behind the scenes. Under the hood. It’s the blacksmith’s shop where we forge and hammer out our own character.

What is the point of winning at business if we we are losing at life?

We need to focus on being bigger on the inside (character) than we are on the outside (influence), as John Maxwell likes to say.  I find that by focusing on activities that form my character, my priorities tend to shift back to what matters most; family, healthy relationships, and living by the values I hold close.

We all know business leaders who have made a ton of money only to promptly be told by the judge to split it in half with the ex-spouse they’ve “fallen out of love" with.  Somewhere along the line one or both parties took their eye off the ball.

The Great Teacher posed the question, "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? " (Mark 8:36)

Take a moment and think about the times in your business life when you were the most confused, out of sorts, and stressed out.  When did you feel the most-ill equipped to lead your business or your family?  If you're like me it's directly after the times you've behaved in a manner inconsistent with what you hold to be good and true.

When we violate our own conscience we lose our moral clarity, authority, and confidence.  We feel it.  Others feel it, too.

Our life must line up with our values  or we will live a life that is out of balance and devoid of the creative energy we need to achieve our true potential.

Absolutely nothing in life is more precious than a clear conscience. 

The biggest lever we have been given, the one area of development that yields the highest returns, is the development of our character. When we are making progress in areas of our soul's growth and character development we will feel joy and confidence.

We cannot outgrow our character; it is our character that fuels our personal growth which pulls us to our potential.  In the long run,  who we are is more important than what we do.


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