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About Seth

Seth Buechley is a seasoned entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach and investor focused on connecting entrepreneurs with momentum to the wisdom, resources, and people that they need to build value in their business and life.  After growing up in a Commune, Seth chose a different path, diving head first into the world of capitalism and starting a company with his father -- a visionary and intentional mentor. Having built and sold businesses that grew from nothing to generating hundreds of millions of dollars, Seth is uniquely positioned and willing to share the insights with other entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to reach for their potential, impact their world and leave a legacy.

Seth currently serves as Chairman and CEO of Cathedral Consulting (www.cathedralconsulting.com) leading a team of trusted advisors focused on providing financial systems, strategy, and merger & acquisition support to emerging businesses and between $3M to $30M in sales looking to scale or sell.

In his previous role as President of SOLiD USA, Seth led the company to annual sales of nearly $60 million before selling to a venture partner. SOLiD's technology delivered cellular and public safety radio coverage to some of the most recognized venues in America, including the Empire State Building, the NY Subway, Moscone Center, and Daytona International Speedway.

As the founder of Safer Building Coalition (www.saferbuildings.org) and the Wireless Competitive Edge mastermind, Seth is a recognized and sought after thought leader in the wireless space.

Seth is also a keynote and TEDx speaker who loves to deliver motivational and leadership training to audiences across the U.S.

Sample Interview Topics

The 4 Marks of a Great Mentor

An essential for growth in your business and personal development is finding someone who’s already traveled down the road you’d like to travel.  Many people have given up hope on finding a mentor, someone they can trust with life’s most important decisions, but Seth shows that mentors may be hiding in plain sight...once you know what to look for.

How Driven Entrepreneurs Can Discover Peace

Everybody celebrated the entrepreneur, but not many people speak about the downside risks every entrepreneur faces in their business, in the home and in their own head. Seth unlocks the key to satisfaction...and it’s not more achievement. *this is Seth’s most common topic as it relates so closely to his book, Ambition:Leading with Gratitude*

How to Lead (and Succeed) with Integrity

Today’s leaders are tasked with making ethical decisions and encouraged to “take a stand” on important social topics.  Seth provides an outline of three types of ethics that provide our foundation for leading with integrity.

From Commune to Capitalism: 3 Vital Lessons Learned Along The Way

Seth provides a glimpse into life in a commune and the transition into serving as a business mentor to entrepreneurs.  Focus areas include; dealing with dysfunctions, discovering our gifts, and choosing to make a difference.

Company Culture Building Done Right

Culture is the character and personality of your organization. It's what makes your business unique and is the sum of its values, behaviors, beliefs, traditions, and attitudes. Positive workplace culture attracts talent, drives engagement, impacts happiness and satisfaction, and affects performance. Seth can offer crucial steps that he has learned over the years to help your business leave a lasting culture of success.

Starting, Scaling and Selling multiple 8 Figure Businesses and Key Lessons Learned

Lessons from the trenches. Not just the happy victories, but the mistakes, failures, and insights that have made the biggest impact over 30 yrs of building businesses.

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