Ambition: Leading with Gratitude Is Go For Launch!

My new book, Ambition: Leading with Gratitude, is set for release November 15th.  After selling a business earlier this year, I committed to writing a book to explore the underlying reasons high-achievers struggle to find contentment and satisfaction. It was truly a labor of love and I enjoyed the process of refining  these important ideas.

I'm super excited to announce you can now pre-order a discounted copy of Ambition here. If you are a hard-driver (or are close to someone who is) I know you'll come away with insights you can put to work right away.

In 25 years of business ventures, I’ve seen too many talented leaders completely self-destruct because they didn’t get their ambition under control. Unfortunately, when a leader crashes and burns, it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The collateral damage to their family and the companies they lead is tremendous. As an entrepreneur wired to challenge and build, I’ve experienced wonderful opportunities and accomplishment. I’ve also experienced serious anxiety, crushing disappointments, and a variety of self-inflicted wounds that could have been avoided.   I'm of the opinion, that nothing important gets done without somebody, usually an ambitious person, getting agitated enough to take action. So ambition isn't to be cast in a negative light. But we must not overlook the downside of risks high-achievers face as they take on the world.

The central idea I explore in the book is the powerful effect gratitude can have in the lives of ambitious people. Experts contend that practicing gratitude has the greatest impact on those who previously had been the least grateful. By experience and observation, I contend, however, that ambitious people are often those who are least grateful. The good news is this can be remedied! The earlier, the better.

Ambition is written to help ambitious people discover more satisfaction and purpose in the midst of their pursuits. Chapters 1-5 provide an Understanding of what fuels our ambition and the many pitfalls we face. In Chapter 6 I identify the single biggest Change ambitious people need to make in order to live a life a greater contentment and satisfaction. Chapter 7 challenges us to dig deeper to get clear on our Motivations and Purpose. And, finally, Chapters 8-10 provide a framework of how to Lead for lasting impact.

While trends and the cultural definitions of success may change, human nature and the transformative power of gratitude are unchanging.  I believe this book will help you create a stronger relationship with gratitude.

And speaking of gratitude...I'll be grateful if you jump over to my publisher's website and pre-order your discounted copy of Ambition today.


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