Episode 54: A Founder’s Road Trip Through Acquisition with Kevin Wallenbeck Part 1

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2020


Kevin thought he’d never sell. He’d built the perfect lifestyle business - a valuable saas company with a team of 38 remote employees, and beautiful balance of freedom and impact. But one day, a phone call from one of the world's largest private equity firms changed everything. In this 2 part series, hear about why and how Kevin’s built and sold his business for more than he could’ve ever dreamt of.

The Conversation:

1:50 - Today’s Moment of Truth: How the term “Christians” came about it what it means to be called one

7:47 - Kevin’s decision to pivot from websites for Churches to marketing for RV dealers

9:57 - Big mistakes to avoid when heading into a business partnership

16:37 - Challenging the status quo - How we’re called to do business as Christians

17:50 - What happens when one of the world's largest private equity firms says "I want your business"

22:31 - How building a business with the wrong motive can wreck an entrepreneur

Stay Tuned for Part 2!

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