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From his towering success building a cellular network, Seth saw the upside, then the downside, of ambition. His Golden Touch became a reverse Midas Touch for a while. Gratitude and humility turned him around.

In this podcast, Seth discusses the most powerful lesson he has learned, the most impactful turning point, and his five steps to success. 


Faith Positive Radio

How do you work Faith Positive in an ambitious way without making your work all about you? It was out of his experiences that Seth studied ambition and discovered the key to success as an ambitious Christian business person. Listen for this key to Faith Positive success as Dr. Joey interviews Seth in this episode of Faith Positive Radio.


Business Leadership Series

The Business Leadership Series' audience is comprised of business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs who desire to learn from guests' knowledge, advice, and experience for personal and professional growth.

The Business Leadership Series is a free subscription shared through written, audio, and video interviews.


The Entrepreneur Way

In this podcast, Seth discusses the difficulties he has faced during his career and offers his best advice for other entrepreneurs. 

Seth also dishes on one of the biggest challenges he has faced - "Sudden Wealth Syndrome." 

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The Dreamcast

What does it mean to lead with gratitude? How can we simultaneously be ambitious and grateful at all times? In this podcast Seth talks about dealing with disappointment, setting expectations, and other lessons he has learned along the way.

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Real Time In The Marketplace

"For most of us, life can be full of responsibilities. For some people, the real pressure of responsibility doesn’t set in until high-school or even college. But when it does, you better be ready." 

Seth met Richard Hamlett, host of Ministry in the Marketplace, while ministering to a group of people in a remote area of Eastern Europe. 



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CarrotCast with Carrot CEO, Trevor Mauch

As you listen, ask yourself these three questions: 1. What motivates me to be successful? 2. What motivates me to have meaningful relationships? 3. What motivates me to leave my mark on this world?

Focus Today Show with Perry Atkinson | The Dove Radio